Lawn Care Port St Lucie Florida  

Lawn Care and Maintenance Choice PestQuality Lawn Care Port St Lucie Florida requires knowledge, experience and hard work. It can be difficult to maintain a healthy, bug free and weed free lawn and shrubs. If you get lawn pests, things become even tougher. Lawn pests and weeds can destroy your once green and healthy lawn and destroy all the hard work you did to maintain your lawn. Lawn care include chinch bugs, fire ants, sod web worms, aphids, scale insects, spiraling white fly, spider mites etc. Here are just some of the problems associated with these lawn and Ornamental pests:

  • Brown patches
  • Small clusters of yellow grass
  • Long, trailing, hollow ridges of soil on the lawn
  • Leaves of plants start withering
  • Plants turn yellow, covered with specks and white bumps begin to appear

Lawn Care Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Choice Pest Management
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Choice Pest Management is the solution to all your lawn care problems. At Choice Pest Management we make use of “Custom Blended Granular Fertilizers” so that we can deliver the best possible results.


Our lawns are treated every other month for insects, weeds and disease with granular fertilizer added in the Spring and Fall. We use eco-friendly products that are effective that won’t harm the environment.

lawn_service_stuart_floridaWith us by your side there’s no need to worry. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable with the latest technologies.  Unlike other companies, we believe that satisfaction of the customers is the MOST significant factor of success.

We aim towards making the soil rich and nutritious which is vital for plusher and thicker lawns.  So if you wish to have a green lawn and healthy plantings, then we are just a call away.

Choice Pest Management will help you out in every possible way and make your lawn and Ornamentals healthier like never before.

Trust the Port St. Lucie Lawn Care Experts

Why choose us instead of doing your lawn care and maintenance yourself? Everyone enjoys having a beautiful lawn, but most people don’t like doing lawn maintenance themselves. When you hire our team, you can simply relax and let us do the work while you reap the benefits of a gorgeous, manicured lawn. Our lawn care company knows how to take care of your lawn issues, and we won’t be happy unless you are too.

We understand the importance and hard work you put into having a trimmed, green lawn when it comes to curb appeal. Attractive landscaping, lawn mowing, and upkeep always adds value to your property, and it creates a welcoming place to come home to. If you’ve tried doing all the work yourself, then you know it can be grueling. Plus, nobody really wants to come home to do extra yard maintenance after working all day.

That’s where we can help you by taking care of the weed control and keeping the pests away. We’re experts at restoring brown, patchy lawns to their former glory by getting to the root of the problem. Our team will assess your lawn to check for pests, soil problems and irrigation issues. Wouldn’t you love to enjoy the soft green grass under your feet again? Then let us help by making your lawn healthy again.

We’re always accepting new clients, and we can provide lawn care for your property on a regular basis. Contact us today for a beautiful lawn tomorrow.

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